It’s a Small World...

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Hi, we’re Jeff and Eileen Schoenfeldt!  Two kids from Wisconsin who are self-diagnosed travel junkies.  We’ve managed to do a fair amount of exploring so far - we got engaged in Panama, honeymooned on a Tanzanian safari, and explored one of the highest capitals in the world: Lhasa, Tibet.  But last year we quit our jobs, sold most of our worldly possessions and travelled the world for nearly a year. 

We left on February 18, 2010 - returned on January 26, 2011 - and had the times of our lives!  We successfully completed our mission of visiting more than two dozen countries, setting foot on all seven continents, treading through remote places, meeting many new friends and having some really crazy experiences.  Come along with us as we explore our world!

Current Location: Fitchburg, Wisconsin

Miles Traveled: 80,684                    Countries Visited: 25                                Flights Taken: 62                                         

Hotels/Guesthouses: 118              Time Difference to WI: 0                Photos Taken: 34,345